Fresh Graduate Skills You Should Include On Your Resume

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Finally, here you are taking the first step to land a job after working so hard in college. You are working on your one page CV but when you look at the jobs posted on and other job sites, you realize that work experience is important for you to land a job. Being fresh form college you don’t have the experience, however, don’t panic. Skills too are handy and they can replace the job experience.

Just know what you are good at and flaunt that to stand out. Here are some skills to include in your resume so that you can increase your chances of landing a job.

  1. Technical skills

Technical skills are the abilities you acquire after training and experience either from internship or feom school. This set of skills is important to some industries like creative design and information technology. Other industries could also use some other technical skills like programming language and use of some tools and equipment.

2. Communication skills

Almost all prospective employers like someone with excellent written and oral communication. You need these skills to communicate with your future managers, colleagues and clients. Knowing how to communicate gets the job done and build a good relationship at work, fortunately, you can leran this in your day to day activities.

3. Ability to work independently or as part of a team

Most employers don’t have the luxury to always be around to watch you as you work. Therefore, they employ someone who has the ability to do their best even when no one is watching. On the other hand, projects need teamwork so employers look for people who don’t mind being a part of a team to get a job done.

4. Organization skills

Employers look for someone who can plan, prioritize work to achieve the project goals. So you should include this in your resume as well.

5. Leadership skills

This shows you have the knowhow of patience, human resources and you are emotionally intelligent; something al employees want so include it in your resume.


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